What are exams?

Examinations are the means by which a student is allowed the opportunity to be compared to national, and in some cases international dance standards. Qualified examiners are sent out and students are tested on their knowledge, understanding and demonstration of the set syllabus.

Examinations are not necessarily for all children. Some children lack the drive, determination or physical ability to be exam material, as well, may even be emotionally unable to take exams. Students who enter must be prepared to work extra hours, both at home and in the studio, so their knowledge, understanding and demonstration of the syllabus is of a very high standard.

The RAD requires a 93% pass rate or the accreditation of the studio could be removed. It is because of these high standards that the Director reserves the right to select which students will be permitted to enter examinations.

Exams provide the yardstick for a student to measure their level of accomplishment against standards which have evolved from generations of dance research and knowledge. Even the student who prepares the exam work, but doesn’t take the exam, still benefits from such a well balanced dance program.

Dancers wishing to participate in exams must participate in a minimum of two ballet classes per week