Competition Fees

Fee structure
Choreography/Private classes: (prices quoted include rental charges)

  • Solo - $75.00/hour
  • Duet - $40.00/hour/per dancer
  • Trio - $30.00/hour/per dancer
  • Group - $20.00/hour/per dancer

Costumes: Can be ordered new or rented from other dancers if they are appropriate for the routine. Costume costs are the responsibility of each child/parent and will follow the same procedure as group costumes with deposits due the end of Oct.

Competition Administration Fee: Administration fees were introduced a few years ago to all students competing in competition. A further explanation of this fee is necessary to ensure everyone understands and is aware of why this new fee has been put into place. A competitive dance program does entail added costs that fall above and beyond the extra curricular choreography, costume and entry fees that parents pay. The following is a list:

  • Prop supplies-material costs
  • Prop Design
  • Props Construction
  • Prop Transportation
  • Ordering, fitting brokering and travelling to the US to pick up costumes and supplies
  • Sewing and altering of costumes
  • Cost of costume accessories
  • Time spent unpacking, steaming, providing and bagging accessories and labelling
  • Cost of hangers and garment bags and the time involved wrapping each individual costume
  • Time spent providing detailed hair, make-up and accessory instructions
  • Office time spent filling out, billing and collecting entry fees for each individual competition
  • Significant time spent searching and purchasing music as well as hours spent editing to ensure proper time limits are met, smooth music transitions and removal of inappropriate words
  • Cost of CD’S & DVD’S as well as the extra time spent video taping each routine, downloading it and burning it for each student
  • Personal hotel and travelling costs to each competition
  • Time spent at the competition (the average day at a competition is between 10-12 hrs)

Up until a few years ago, all of the above listed items were absorbed by the studio. It is a costly and time consuming program to support. Ths new Competitive Administration Fee Schedule has been set into place to help off-set some of these added expenses that are not already covered in the yearly recreational dance program. This fee applies to all classes/dancers participating in competition. It is a once-a-year fee (not per competition) and will be billed out one month prior to competition entry closing dates (closing dates vary from competition to competition and could fall anywhere from Oct to January) Please be reminded that the “entry fees” you pay are fees paid out directly to the festivals/competitions. These fees do not go to the studio. 

Competitive Administration Fee Schedule - (per family/per year)

  • 1 Dance-$15.00
  • 2-3-Dances-$30.00
  • 4-6 Dances-$45.00
  • 7 Dances and up-$60.00