Competition Requirements

Extra curricular competitive work

All students age 7 years and up will have the opportunity to participate in local competitions and festivals with their regular weekly dance class. Everyone is entered as encouragement to perform their best and learn. Extra curricular competitive work does not refer to these weekly group classes. Extra curricular competitive work refers to anyone who wishes to pursue solos, duets and other routines outside of their regular group classes. 

 In order to maintain the high standard needed to remain in the competitive realm as well as to progress to a more advanced level, those students wishing to pursue extra curricular competitive routines will be required to participate in a minimum of one classical ballet technique class. Please be aware that this class will require additional costs for recital/competition costumes.

Participation in this class will be mandatory for those students wishing to pursue the competitive program. Recreational dancers are encouraged to join in as well.

Please Note: Solo routines will only be made available to those students who have participated in the competitive program for a minimum of 3 years and at the discretion of the Artistic Director. New competitive students are welcome to enter the duo/trio or small group categories for their first few years to help gain experience and self-confidence.