KDA Costume Measurement Form

Costume deposits will be invoiced and collected at the beginning of the dance season. Costume payment is done via Cash/cheque or Email Transfer only.

All classes will have a routine in the year end performances (with the exception of technical classes such as acro and CDT Development classes)

Costumes will be ordered the end of November to ensure a timely arrival for pictures, competitions and year end performances. All the costumes are ordered from the United States and cost approximately $45-$150 American. Please also note that exchange, brokerage fees, duty and shipping will need to be added onto each costumes. We will not know these exact extra charges until they are shipped.  Once a costume is ordered it CANNOT be returned, cancelled or size exchanged. We cannot accept late orders! To keep costs down we order from a bulk company therefore each costume will NOT be custom fitting. You may be required to adjust straps, take in sides or shorten pants etc. (pants are made long to accommodate most dancers and may need to be cut shorter ) If measurements are close to the end of a size we will order the next size up. If there is drastic alterations we will make arrangements to have assistance otherwise you may need to pin or tack to fit your child better for photos and the show. Custom costumes can range from $100.00-$500.00 easily therefore bulk orders are the best option. We will have a costume trying on date when all orders have arrived and any issues must be brought to your teacher’s attention immediately.

Please measure appropriately. DO NOT leave tape loose to allow room for growth, we will adjust to accommodate for growth.

Please click here to watch video on how to measure for costumes : (COMING SOON!)

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The deposit for CLASS costumes will be $ 50.00 for each costume and invoiced at the beginning of the season with your dance fees (ex. If your child takes 2 classes then your deposit will be $100.00) Company costume and any extra curricular solo/duo/small group etc. will be invoiced separately.

If you require assistance, please contact the office at 778-481-5155 or talk with your instructor directly.

Your deposit and form must be paid and submitted no later than October 31st!

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