Student Teaching Education Program



Kimberley Dance Academy`s Student teacher education program is for the dancer who is serious about dance and has an interest in teaching and being an excellent role model for young children.

Typically, a class demonstrator starts to demonstrate for a class when she is 8-16 years old. She commits to help for the entire dance year...September through May. In some cases, a class demonstrator is asked to help with a class on stage during the recital, especially if the class is very young. As a role model, the demonstrator must have a positive attitude and love working with children.

Once a dancer has demonstrated for several years, she is eligible to become an assistant teacher. An assistant teacher is in high school or older. Over time, she is fully able to teach on her own, structure and lead a class, and knows how to teach the skills appropriate to any age group and level. An assistant teacher builds on the skills learned as a demonstrator. She must take her job seriously.


General Responsibilities

  • Demonstrators & Teaching Assistants are chosen based on class needs, student schedules, student’s ability and character.
  • They must wear the proper shoes and clothing for all classes.
  • Hair neatly up in a bun or ponytail
  • arrive in a timely fashion in order to assist younger students needing help
  • take attendance at the beginning of class, and update again at the end.
  • be positive role models for students and represent KDA in a professional manner
  • demonstrate proper technique, work ethic, and character both in and out of the classroom.
  • notify the director is they are unable to attend class.
  • Parents will be notified if expectations are not being met which may lead to loss of the position.If you feel you meet these requirements, please click here to download a 


    S.T.E.P-Class Demonstrator & Assistant Teacher Application form.

    Successful students will be contacted prior to class registration.