Company | Production

Company class is open to the more serious and experienced dancer.

The production class will provide an opportunity for dancers to travel and perform aside from regular local competitions and year end shows.

They will be asked to perform and represent K.D.A. at local events and out of town competitions as well as for the older students (10 years and up) to eventually have the opportunity every other year to travel to Disneyland (or elsewhere) for the experience of a lifetime if they choose.

2013 Cruise Video

A production number differs from most regular routines for the following reasons:

  • time length = 10-15 minutes long (most regular routines fall between 2 ½ -3 ½ min).
  • Disneyland/Stars at Sea require a 30 minute production!
  • various costume changes within the routine
  • tells a story or theme
  • involves all dance forms
  • usually involves a set or several props
  • is a whole lot of fun for those involved!!!!!!