Progressing To The Next Level

Full Year Commitment

All Dance team members are committed to a full year when they sign on to be a competition/development team member (two years for travel teams). The commitment to a year round session is an important issue for a dance team. Our 2016-17 session will start Sept 2016 and run through the summer of 2017. National competitions may be as late as mid-July (Dance Power). We also have numerous performance opportunities during June/July/August where team members participate. Quitting mid-year is detrimental to everyone on the team, so please consider this carefully before committing to the program. A tentative schedule of events is included for your information. Note...Company Travel Teams only travel every other year due to the high costs. Thus, all travel team members will be required to commit to a two year team contract for fundraising purposes.

Attendance to one dance convention per year will be mandatory for all dance team members (triple threat, groove street. Nuvo etc).

During the summer months, team members are welcome and encouraged to attend as many summer programs as they can. The KDA Summer Intensive however will be mandatory for those wishing to continue on with the competitive program the following season. Instructors and guest choreographers will be brought during the Intensive to begin working on segments of choreography for the upcoming performance and competition season. If a student is not involved during the summer intensive, they not only fall behind in technique, but also miss out on learning choreography for the upcoming  competitive season.


The most important issue for team members is attendance. We understand that things do happen – a dancer gets hurt, there is a family emergency. But a family emergency is not a birthday party, an outing to the zoo, or another family member’s sporting event. If you are not there, the WHOLE team suffers. If you miss class, you are not improving your skills, and you fall behind the other dancers on the team. If you miss a rehearsal, you are not learning the routine which would require re-teaching parts of the routine because you weren’t there when your teammates learned it. If you are missing at a performance or a competition, the whole dance has to be restaged. You let your teammates down when you are not there. It affects everyone’s ability to give their best performance when someone is out of sync.

****** A team is only as strong as its weakest link ******

When a dancer misses a team rehearsal for any reason it will count toward their YEARLY LIMIT OF 6 ABSENCES. It is always wise to call ahead when you are going to miss rehearsal, but it is never okay. No matter what your circumstances are, you not being at rehearsal still hurt the team. If a director feels a dancer is falling behind due to missing rehearsals the dancer may be asked to schedule a private lesson to catch up. The dancer will be charged the private rates shown in the rate schedule for any make up classes the director may feel necessary for the dancer to catch up.

Dancers may be removed from a team if they exceed the yearly limit of 6 absents. No refunds to your bill will be made if you are removed from a team. If an understudy is put into a dance because of absences, the understudy will be able to use any or all previously ordered costume parts purchased by the absent team member. Removal from a team may be permanent or temporary. This is at the discretion of the choreographer.

The commitment to competition teams means attending all scheduled classes, all rehearsals for teams, including extra rehearsals, and being available for ALL competitions and ALL performances. If you are involved with other programs that require specific time commitments, we will need to know. Most school and sports programs have dates available at the beginning of a season. Practice times are also usually established at the beginning of the season. Sometimes this type of involvement can be accommodated. However, if they will consistently create absences for team commitments, the directors may require a decision regarding a choice between KDA teams and other programs. If you are involved with other school or sports programs, please schedule a meeting with the directors before signing and returning your application form in order to determine if your other commitments will conflict with our competition program.

An attendance policy is included in the team contract. Please be sure you review that portion of the contract carefully so you know what is expected of you as a dancer, and the consequences of missed rehearsals, classes, or performances.


We have outlined the costs associated with a competitive dance program in this section. Costs will vary slightly depending on what team you participate on. These costs may not be all inclusive. We may decide to do additional competitions based on the team’s success during the year. We may have other opportunities arise that entail costs. If this occurs, we will discuss the additional costs with the team members and their parents in advance. We have however tried to include as much information as we can so that you can make an educated decision about whether you can afford competition dance.

After you have reviewed this section and have made a determination that you wish to be involved in our Competition/Development Teams for the 2016-2017 year, please bring back (or mail) the signed application form, Dancers Contract and a copy of your birth certificate. (Certified copies or original birth certificates are not required. Just a copy of the birth certificate is satisfactory. The rules for all competitions require that we have birth certificate copies available to use to verify age if there is a dispute at the competition.) All paper work must be turned in by the Aug 15th.