Competitive Team Requirements

Please refer to FAQ section for more detailed information

Minimum Requirements:

  • By Audition or Invitation  only
  • Dance Teams can involve all forms of dance (Tap, Jazz, Ballet/lyrical, Musical theater ETC). For choreography reasons, it will be mandatory that eligible participants be enrolled in a tap, jazz & ballet technique class as well as an acro class.
  • Teams will have their own private technique class on Fridays where they will learn and perfect new material outside of their regular weekly classes. Any group choreography for competitions or community events will also take place on this day as well as a handful of scheduled weekends in Nov and Feb.
  • All team members will be required to participate in KDA Summer Dance Intensive as well as one out of town dance convention throughout the season.
  • All Dance Team members are required to participate in a minimum of three (3) local community events to maintain their competitive Team status.
  • Development teams will only compete locally. We will re-address this later in the season if needed.
  • Development Team members may be called up mid-season if needed to replace an EKCDT or Company Production member or to understudy a routine in the event of an injury
  • East Kootenay Competitive Team will compete both locally and at out of town venues throughout the season.
  • Minimum age- Development Team: 9 years
  • Minimum experience: 2-4 years dance training.Class size- min 6 dancers/max 10-12 (*subject to change)
  • Minimum age-East Kootenay Competitive Team (EKCDT)-10 years
  • Minimum experience: 3-4 years dance training Class size- min 6 dancers/max 10-12 (*subject to change)
  • Minimum age-Company/Production -10 years
  • Minimum experience: 3-4 years dance training Note: Company class is not a technique class. It is straight choreography combined with musical theater. There is not enough time to teach new material to those students who may not be at the same level as others. This is why a minimum level of experience is needed in all dance forms as well as participation in the CDT development classes.
  • Class size- min 16 dancers/max 24 (*subject to change for choreography purposes only)
  • Company Production will travel to both local and out of town competitions and community events. Competition selection will be determined by each individual venue. Rules and time limits vary from one to the next so we may not be able to go to every one
  • Attendance to all classes is mandatory

All successful candidates:

  • Must be self-motivated.
  • Must work extra hard on all technical and performance skills AND have a desire to develop these skills further.
  • Must have a positive attitude.
  • Must have a team mentality and show support for fellow team members, the studio, and the teachers.
  • Must have a supportive family that shows respect for all teachers, other parents, and especially other students at all times.
  • High level of showmanship
  • Attendance to any fund-raising events
  • Parent involvement -attendance to all meetings, fund-raising events, travel and costume costs.

Note: Organization and transportation of all competitive team props and sets to various events will be the responsibility of the parents group. Company Production Costume costs tend to be higher than regular classes due to added accessories and costume changes within the same routine.