Our Philosophy

Dance not only gives children the obvious physical benefits of co-ordination, poise and posture, it teaches them discipline, self-esteem and confidence. It encourages them to set goals and to persevere to accomplish those goals. Children learn how to work together with others and develop leadership qualities.

  • A good teacher....explains                                                                  
  • A superior teacher.......demonstrates
  • A great teacher........inspires!

Our goal at K.D.A. first and foremost, is to ...INSPIRE... all those who pass through our doors. To provide the necessary tools to ensure a safe and secure environment where children are able to gain the self-confidence to express themselves freely and without judgement. And most of all, we hope to provide a place where students can develop and nurture ... PASSION, DRIVE, AND COMMITMENT. All very important things that carry forward into all other aspects of their lives.

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