What Are Dance Competitions?

A dance competition is when a participant pays an entry fee to compete against their dancing peers according to age, dance form and class. These could be solo’s, duet’s, small groups, or large groups in Tap, Jazz, Ballet etc. The age diversification and entrance fees differ with individual competitions.

Competitions offer many bonuses for the participant. They give access to students from other centers who share the same interests and desires of dance. They can broaden their vocabulary of dance by being exposed to new and different styles and ideas.

Competitions enable the participant to see goal levels others have attained, to help spur themselves on to higher achievements. They help students to learn how to work together, to depend upon and be dependable to others to reach a common goal in group work, and enable students to be critiqued by different professionals in the dancing world......all who see different things and give their advice as such.

Competitions give the entrants a chance to perform....which is what dancing is all about!!!

A competition is just another facet of the learning experience of dance. The student is entered as encouragement to perform their best as well as to have fun. To enter a competition solely bent on winning is a losing game. Adjudicators have likes and dislikes which vary from one to another, each critiquing the same routine quite differently.

About Kootenay Dance Academy
About Kootenay Dance Academy

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Kootenay Dance Academy, formerly known as Kimberley Dance Academy, has provided qualified dance instruction in the East Kootenays since 1991. Moving into our 29th season, we look forward to offering all students another fun and rewarding year. Classes run Sept-May with a year end production held at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook, BC.


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