Competitive Dance Fees

Fee structure (In studio choreo only. Note Guest choreo prices are significantly higher)
Choreography: (prices quoted include rental charges)

  • Solo - $300.00 (includes 3 hrs instruction time + 1 rehearsal)
  • Duet/Trio - $200.00/per dancer (includes 3-4 hrs instruction time + 2 rehearsal)
  • Sm Group (4-8 dancers) - $150.00/per dancer (includes 3-4 hrs instruction time + 2 rehearsals)
  • Lg Group (9+ dancers) - $100.00/per dancer (includes 4- 6 hrs instruction time + 2 rehearsals)
  • Instructor Rehearsal Fee - $50.00/hr

Costumes: Can be ordered new or rented from other dancers if they are appropriate for the routine. Costume costs are the responsibility of each child/parent and will follow the same procedure as group costumes with deposits due the end of Oct.

Rec Competition Administration Fee:

Competition Adm fees were put into place to help offset the added expenses and time incurred by the studio that is not already covered in the yearly recreational dance program. This fee IS NOT the same as the Competitive Dance Team ADM FEE. It applies to all classes/dancers in regular weekly RECREATIONAL dance classes participating in local competitions and festivals. It is a once a year fee (not per competition) and billed out along with local competition fees. Please be reminded that the "entry fees" you pay are fees paid out directly to the festivals/competitions. These fees do not go to the studio to help cover any expenses or administration time.

Rec Competitive Administration Fee Schedule - (per family/per year)

  • 1 Dance-$15.00
  • 2-3-Dances-$30.00
  • 4-6 Dances-$45.00
  • 7 Dances and up-$60.00
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Kootenay Dance Academy, formerly known as Kimberley Dance Academy, has provided qualified dance instruction in the East Kootenays since 1991. Moving into our 29th season, we look forward to offering all students another fun and rewarding year. Classes run Sept-May with a year end production held at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook, BC.


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