Fees and Tuition


Pricing: Monthly pricing is calculated per family based upon total hours of classes taken per week. Savings up to and over 50% (depending on dancers per family and total hours taken.)

Registration Fee: There is a non-refundable registration fee: Registration fees will hold your child's space within a class as well as allow for a two-three week trial period at the beginning of the season to ensure proper class placement and enjoyment.

  • Individual- $28.00 (Tax included)
  • Family- $42.00 (Tax included)

Costume Deposits: Costume deposits are collected at the beginning of the season, along side registration fees when students enrol for yearly classes. Deposits are $50.00/per child/per dance. (IE: 2 children taking 2 classes each would = $200.00 deposit). If your child chooses to discontinue classes prior to costumes being ordered (Nov 30th), your deposit will be 100% refunded.

Fees are assessed on a yearly basis (32 week dance year) and prorated taking into consideration holidays, Christmas and Spring break. These fees include all class and instructional time as well as extra year-end production and technical rehearsal times. This payment system is for convenience only and bears no relationship to the number of classes in any given month. The total tuition amount is divided into nine monthly payments. (Other payment options are available.)

Lesson fees can be paid in the following ways:

  • 9 Post-dated cheques (Sept.-May)- dated 1st or 15th only-(payable to K.D.A). Cheques post-dated into June will not be accepted.  
  • Full year payment
  • We are now able to accept pre-authorized credit card payments. You must enroll in the Auto-Pay program via the NEW Parent Portal.
  • Credit Card and online payment transactions will be subject to a 3% service fee.
  • $15.00 charge on all N.S.F. cheques
  • Please note: Students with ANY overdue account balances will not be permitted to perform at various local events, competitions or year end recitals. Please ensure your accounts are kept up to date

Monthly cash payments or partial payments will not be accepted.

Refund Policy
Written notice submitted to the studio is required to withdraw from any class, otherwise billing to your account will continue. If a student discontinues classes, the full month’s fee will still be charged. There is no refund for partial months or missed classes. Verbal notification or non-attendance is not considered automatic withdrawal. Withdrawals for medical reasons must be accompanied by a Valid Doctor’s note.

Refunds will only be available until Nov. 15th. This allows three months for students and parents to decide if they wish to continue on with the year-long program.  Once classes resume in January, refunds will cease unless it is injury or illness related. Please remember that when a dancer joins a class, they take up a spot that is now no longer available to anyone else. If they choose to leave the class after Christmas, we can no longer fill that space as the class will have progressed too far to allow any new students to participate. Costumes are also ordered by this point and no longer become refundable from the various costume companies. Please bare this in mind if you have any questions or concerns heading into the second term of the dance year.

Monthly Fee Schedule:  

Tax Included

1/2 hr $40
3/4 hr $46
1 hr $52
1 1/4 hrs $63
1 1/2 hrs $75
1 3/4 hrs $88
2 hrs $97
2 1/4 hrs $109
2 1/2 hrs $118
2 3/4 hrs $126
3 hrs $135
3 1/4 hrs $142
3 1/2 hrs $152
3 3/4 hrs $160
4 hrs $168
4 1/4 hrs $175
4 1/2 hrs $182
4 3/4 hrs $190
5 hrs $198
* each additional hour is $20

Unlimited Class Fees

KDA-does offer a monthly fee "cap" for those students and families who are involved in several classes. This cap  includes all adult classes as well as competitive team and company production classes.

The cap is for dance fees only and does not apply to costumes, competition or administration fees, travel expenses and any extra-curricular choreography. Please refer to competition and team pages for any additional expenses.

Individual Monthly Cap: $250.00 (tax included)

Family (2) Monthly Cap: $350.00 (tax included)

Family (3+) Monthly Cap: $450.00 (tax included)

Adult 10 week courses:$140.00 (tax included)

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Kootenay Dance Academy, formerly known as Kimberley Dance Academy, has provided qualified dance instruction in the East Kootenays since 1991. Moving into our 29th season, we look forward to offering all students another fun and rewarding year. Classes run Sept-May with a year end production held at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook, BC.


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