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One of the first questions posed by families getting involved in the Dance World is quite simply: What does dance have to offer my child?

Learn more about the many benefits of dance on this page.


Dance has many benefits, some of the most noteworthy would be:

  • Physical Exercise-Dance provides you with a healthier body. Dancers consistently out perform all athletes on skill and endurance tests.

  • Proper Posture- Dance classes are noted for demanding this quality, and in fact have been given recognition for re-aligning those students with postural abnormalities

  • Discipline- The art of dance expects both a mental and physical discipline for it’s execution. Educators have noted how these are also carried into the classroom as well as life in general.

  • Poise and Self-Confidence- Dancers are noted for conducting themselves in a highly confident manner, whether that be on or off stage. Dance students are noted for being leaders in the classroom as well as their extra-curricular activities.

  • Co-ordination- In dance, the mind and body are brought together with grace and controlled technique. Ice skaters, gymnasts and martial artists are just a few disciplines that are now incorporating dance into their training programs to improve their quality of movement.

There are many other general benefits to pursuing classes in dance. You learn how to work with others, yet develop your own unique personal style. You help to create, share and promote a cultural environment that has existed for several centuries. The student learns, executes and achieves a standard which is never lost and is highly portable.

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