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With the onset of the dance season, many of the why’s and wherefores of the Dance World seem to add more confusion rather than clarification or enjoyment.

The intent of this information is to give you, as a dancer or parent, some of the insights, reasoning and knowledge as to why the studio operates in the manner that it does. Please follow the provided links under the Info tab for more information.

Read more about the benefits, requirements and fees related to competitions.

General Information


With the onset of the dance season, many of the why’s and wherefores of the Dance World seem to add more confusion rather than clarification or enjoyment.

The intent of this information is to give you, as a dancer or parent, some of the insights, reasoning and knowledge as to why the studio operates in the manner that it does. Please follow the provided links under the Info tab for more information.

Code of Conduct
• Dancers are expected to respect each other’s physical space – This includes no touching (unless invited), hitting, scratching, pinching, chasing, shoving, poking, coercing, destroying personal belongings, unwanted sexual advances or physical violence, none of which will be tolerated.
• Dancers must treat each other and staff with the utmost respect and kindness – This means no name calling, inappropriate language, swearing, or emotionally abusive comments. KDA will not tolerate teasing, rumor's, sarcasm, negative references to culture, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or unwanted sexual comments.

• KDA will not permit social bullying: That is ganging up on others, humiliating your peers, exclusion or threatening gestures.

Please Note:
• It is impossible for the staff at KDA to catch everything happening at every moment during class. We do expect a level of professionalism and maturity from the dancers;
• We ask that parents and/or dancers bring to our attention any actions or situations that have arisen within the dance studio that may have made them feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way;
• Furthermore, we ask that parents check-in with their children so that they are aware of how their child is feeling in class and reinforce the behavioural expectations of KDA and the consequences if they act inappropriately. This is your role/responsibility as a parent;
• Anyone caught engaging in inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave immediately. Parents will be called to pick up their child. A meeting will be held with those involved to determine re-entering class;
• The studio role is to enforce the Code of Conduct while under our direct supervision. It is not the role of the studio to analyze or apply  “labels” to a situation, resolve issues that happen outside of the studio environment nor attempt to resolve any inter-personal relationship issues that may arise between dancers and/or parents.

Covid19: Information- Updated July 2022

The safety and health of all staff, dancers and their families is of highest importance. KDA is committed to maintaining all health standards set forth by our Provincial Health Officers and Work Safe BC .  


Updated Safety Protocol:

  • As of Mar 11th 2022, face coverings will no longer be required for dancers, instructors or those entering the studio. If anyone feels more comfortable wearing one, you are welcome to do so.

  • Studio Foyers and changerooms are now open and accessible to both dancers and parents. We will no loner have drop-off or pick up only.

  • Entering/exiting will return to normal. Cranbrook dancers will all enter and exit via back parking lot doors. Kimberley dancers will all enter and exit from main platzel doors. 

Zoom Class Links: 
Please do not send your child to class if they show ANY signs of illness.

• We will continue to offer participation via zoom for those dancers in the event they must miss "in studio" classes due to illness.

Studio Cleaning: 
• Proper hygiene reminders remain posted throughout the entire studio.
• There are numerous hand sanitization stations at each location. All those entering into the studio will be encouraged and reminded to use them.
• Studio fogging will become part of a regular weekly cleaning protocol moving forwards.

Upgraded Ventilation:
• Our Kimberley Studio location has been upgraded with a new air exchange system. We are very grateful to the building owners for making this a priority for our dancers.
• Cranbrook studio location has an air exchange/air conditioning system already in place that is maintained seasonally.

Proof of Vaccination:
• All Adult classes (all those 22 years of age and up) will no longer require proof of Vaccination to participate as of Apr 8th/2022.

Year-End Production/Ticketed Theatre Events:
• Our year end production is held at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook. As of March 11/2022 masks are no longer required within the theatre and capacity is now back to 100%. 
• Effective Apr 8th/2022, Vaccine Passports and QR Codes will no longer be required to enter the theatre.

Click here for more info on our professional fogging machines


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Find a full summary of our fees, costume deposits, payment terms, refund policies and more by clicking on the below button.

Competition Requirements


Dance attire: (shoes, leotards, tights, ETC.) Check your parent portal once you have registered for more information on required dress code and shoes. Costs range - see suppliers for more details.

Year end production costume: (one costume per dance form) Costs can range anywhere from $70 to $150 each. We order a large majority of costumes from companies in the U.S. Costumes must be pre-paid and ordered prior to Xmas to ensure arrival time for festival and recital. All ordered Costumes will be subject to exchange, duty, GST and shipping fees.

Costume Deposits: Costume deposits are collected during the online registration process and must be paid in advance to successfully register for yearly classes. Deposits are $50.00/per child/per dance. (IE: 2 children taking 2 classes each would = $200.00 + GST deposit). Any cheques should be made payable to KDA. Deposits can also be paid for using debit, MC or Visa however please be advised that a service fee will apply to Visa and MC transactions. If your child chooses to discontinue classes prior to costumes being ordered, your deposit will be 100% refunded. Costumes will be ordered mid November to ensure prompt arrival for Spring competitions and year end performance. If you have any reservations about your child's participation in the year end show, please contact the office prior to costumes being ordered. Once costumes are ordered there are no refunds and parents will be responsible for the balance owing. Any balance owing will be invoiced mid January and must be paid in full by Feb 15th. Costumes will not be distributed until all outstanding accounts are cleared.

Year end production tickets: 12 and under-$15.00/ Students & Sr-$20.00/ Adults-$25.00. (plus applicable ticketing fees and tax). Key City Theater no longer allows rush seating. Tickets will be reserved seating only and must be purchased through the Key City Theater box office on a first come first serve basis. Tickets will go on sale mid April-early May. Details will follow at a further date.

Competition entry fees: (7 years and up ) A minimal entry fee ($5.00- $30.00/per entry) Note: out of town competitions tend to be higher than local competitions. (Note-only competitive HIVE Team dancers participate in out of town competitions.) Entry fees range between $20.00- $90.00/per entry. Local entry fees are billed out in January. Out of Town competitions will be invoiced and due prior to Dec 15th.

Competitive Administration Fee: The competitive program is a costly and time consuming program to support. The Competitive Administration Fee Schedule has been set into place to help off-set some of these added expenses that are not already covered in the yearly recreational dance program. This fee is for all dancers 7 years and up participating in competition/festival and is based upon the total number of dances performed by each dancer. It is a once-a-year fee (not per competition) and will be billed out in January along with the entry fees. (Please be reminded that the above mentioned “entry fees” you pay in January are fees paid out directly to the festivals/competitions. These fees do not go to the studio.) For further explanation and costs please refer to the competition fees section.

Competitive program: for those more advanced students wishing to pursue extra-curricular routines please contact the studio for more information on The HIVE Competitive Dance Program.

Additional Expenses
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