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As many students will be new to the studio, a further expansion on the subject is required: Studio uniforms will be mandatory for all Pre-School and Kinder Dance classes (ages 3-6) as well as all Acro, Ballet/Modern/Lyrical & Contemporary classes.

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Studio Uniforms
We have been pondering the concept of studio uniforms for several years now and have decided to finally put this practise into place. Most studios do have mandatory uniforms for all levels of classes. Uniforms are beneficial for several reasons.

  • Most parents new to the dance scene are unfamiliar with what their child requires for class. Having a standard uniform makes it much easier for you the parents and helps eliminate the standard question of "What does my child need?".

  • Being in a location where there is no dance outlet near-by makes it difficult to find appropriate dance attire for children and teenagers. Having an in-studio resource makes it convenient for parents to acquire the appropriate items and eliminate the dilemma of where and what to purchase.

  • Standard uniforms for younger levels helps to eliminate "clothing envy" and allows for the children to better focus on the tasks at hand and not what their friends are wearing. We do have several opportunities throughout the year for the students to dress up and express their creative freedom on special occasions.

  • Dressing alike in proper dance attire assists the students in feeling like they are part of a special group and thus perform and interact better with one another.

  • Having a dress code helps to establish the beginnings of simple discipline which is all a part of the dance experience. For the younger children...the onus is more on the parents to ensure their outfit is clean on dance day and they arrive dressed in their uniform, with hair done. As they get older the responsibility moves to the child.

  • When children are dressed appropriately it helps them to feel and perform like dancers.

Studio uniforms will be mandatory for all Pre-School and Kinder Dance Classes-(ages 3-6). This involves the following groups:

  • Tiny Tot-Tumble & Twirl (ages 2.5/3.5)

  • Creative Kids-Tap/Ballet/Tumbling Combo Class -(ages 3.5-4.5)

  • Kinder Dance-Jazz/Acro Combo Class - (ages 5-6)

  • Kinder Dance-Tap/Ballet Combo Class - (ages 5-6)


Regulation Uniforms will be required for all Acro, Ballet and pointe classes.
Only select items in boutique will be substitutions or items of similar color purchased elsewhere will be accepted. Please follow the links on your parent portal once you registered for classes. Uniform information will be posted under shared files, and then class files. If you are unsure which items you need, please do not hesitate to ask at registration. There are optional items available but not mandatory for class. Boys uniforms are also available. A standard white dance tee and optional black leggings or shorts for ballet, and black jazz pants for combo class.

If your child tends to get cold easy, please purchase proper dance warm-ups for them and refrain from sending them into class with big sweaters and jackets on. Appropriate warm ups allow children the freedom to move properly and execute steps without restriction and assist in injury prevention by keeping muscles nice and warm.

Tap and Jazz classes-7 yrs and up
Tap and jazz students ages 7 years and up are welcome and encouraged to wear studio uniforms, however the set styles and colours are not mandatory. Any style of bodysuit and tights, unitards, booty shorts, jazz pants and tap skirts are all acceptable. Proper dance warm ups are advised. Absolutely no tee shirts, gym shorts and sweat-pants will be allowed or considered appropriate dance wear. School gym strip is also not considered appropriate dance clothes.

Acro classes-7 yrs and up
Only select items in boutique will be substitutions or items of similar color purchased elsewhere will be accepted. Please follow the links on your parent portal once you registered for classes. Uniform information will be posted under shared files, and then class files. If you are unsure which items you need, please do not hesitate to ask at registration. Please no footed tights, baggy clothing or loose fitting pants to ensure proper spotting for tumbling elements. Bare feet is best as well as beige stir-up or  capri tights. Proper dance warm ups are advised. Absolutely no earrings, necklaces, watches etc. that can hinder spotting and dancer safety.

Street Jazz/Hip-Hop-7 yrs and up
T-Shirt and Sweat pants are acceptable. Please ensure clothing items do not have zippers, rhinestones, rivets, buttons ect that can scratch and harm both the floor as well as the students when performing floor moves. Chuck Taylor Black and White Converse high top sneakers will be the set shoe for all street jazz classes as well as the required shoe for costume/competition and year end performance. Please check the studio boutique for more info.

All studio uniforms should be sized and ordered during registration week. The boutique will be set up during registration week prior to dance classes beginning . Please use this opportunity to order all items needed. We do not have access to an actual "store" area, so all items will go back into storage after registration week is finished. Orders placed at registration should arrive by the first or second week of classes. Please do not wait until the first week of classes to place your order. It is far too busy the first week to assist you with late orders as well as the fact that your child will be without the appropriate uniform and shoes for several weeks at that point. If you are at all unsure of what your child needs, please do not hesitate to ask and ensure you order the correct apparel.

Correct Leg & Footwear


  • Tiny/tot/Creative Kids & Kinder Ballet-Leather Capezio Ballet slippers with elastic's over the instep. Pink-girl's/ Black-boy's

  • Tiny Tots/Creative Kids- Pink RAD issue socks-girls, White RAD issue-socks-boys

  • 5 yrs and up-Ballet Pink Tights

  • Age 7 years and up-Hanami Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slipper in Light Pink for girls, black for boys

Lyrical/Modern/Contemporary: Bloch Canvas Lyrical Shoes or bare feet. Beige- convertible or footless tights

Pointe: Properly fitted pointe shoes/ribbons. Please do not purchase pointe shoes until approval has been given by the instructor. Ballet pink tights- footed or convertible

Note: Any student looking for their first pair of pre-pointe or pointe shoes will be required to see Miss Jacqueline for a virtual fitting during boutique days.  This is by appointment only. Virtual fitting orders are in collaboration with The Shoe Room in Toronto. Many students in the past have had great success in being virtually fitted with The Shoe Room, which incidentally supplies the National Ballet School of Canada. The Shoe Room stocks more brands of demi-pointe shoes than any store across Canada, which afford more options for a better fitting shoe.

Jazz: Black Balera or Capezio Slip on Jazz oxfords. Tights and leggings of your choice.

Tap: Black Balera or Bloch split sole Slip On Tap shoes fitted with proper taps.

Pre-School and Kinder Dance: Girls-Black Merry Janes/Boys-Black Balera Amplify Shoes. Tights and leggings of your choice.

Acro: Bare feet. Bare legs or beige stir-up/capri tights.

Street Jazz/Hip-Hop: Chuck Taylor Black and White Converse high top sneakers. Tights and leggings of your choice.

Hair: Should be off face and neck, (bun, ponytail, french braids or head band for short hair). Pointe classes- hair in bun (no ponytails)

Jewelry: Jewelry, watches and dangly earrings are not permitted

Undergarments: Proper dance undergarments only. Please ensure your dancer has appropriate support wear (Boys and girls) and that under garments are not showing. Underwear is not necessary underneath bodysuits as these garments are designed to accommodate for this. If necessary, please purchase an approved studio body liner for your child to ensure they are properly supported and modestly covered during classes and performances.

No Gum Please

Cell Phones: Students are asked to please leave their cell phones off and in the studio lounge during class. Do not bring them into class with your dance bag! Students caught talking or texting during class time will have their phones confiscated.

Because we operate from a rented space, please follow the rules posted. Hang up coats and clothing and place shoes in shoe rack. Place all garbage in cans provided. Sit quietly in studio lounge between classes. No extra food or drink please if possible. Do not bring extra friends to class or waiting area. Do not damage or mark up walls in bathrooms, on bulletin board, and in hallways. Anyone found doing damage to property will be charged for repairs. Please do not bring valuables or money to class.

Parents Watch Days: To enhance the quality of teaching provided, K.D.A. operates on a closed-door policy. Less distraction leads to more learning. Parents are invited to observe their child's progress at any time throughout the season via our closed circuit televisions in the foyer areas. We strongly encourage open communication between staff members, students and parents. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's progress at any time throughout the year, please feel free to contact the director via e-mail or phone.

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